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Blair: There was a part of me that really wanted it to be yours.

Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 3 - “The Jewel of Denial”

I can never get over this moment of Dan and Blair… I just can’t.

Dan: You’ll still have me.

Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 2- “Beauty and The Feast”

Mike Chang: I don’t want to be a surgeon or a lawyer, mom. I want to be an artist… Special.

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Still on a major hangover with Stefano and Pia’s version of ‘California King Bed’

I just watched a video of it now and flajhsadfjhfsdjbdf

I cried.

I love their talents so much!

And they’re the cutest ever.

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letters to crushes

Girl sitting at the computer,

I know you’ve been sitting here for a very long time, reading a countless amount of letters, waiting for letters that sound like they could be written by him, or letters that make you feel like you’re not alone, letters so tragic you can’t help but feel better about your own ridiculous situation.

Well just know, you’re beautiful. You’re going to find a fantastic guy one day. I know what you’re thinking all I want is him. Well things have a way of working out, if he’s meant to be the one, he will be the one. Buf if he’s too blind to know how amazing you are, then he was never meant to be the one in the first place.

You’ll find someone who will be everything you want, who will make you feel like you’re worth it. Just give it time, and never give up hope.

One day, you might be on here, writing about how magical the kiss you just had was, or the guy you’re currently with makes you feel like you could fly.

You just need to give yourself time.


Missed Connections

I saw you for maybe a second or two.
I’ve read missed-connections before and wondered why people just didn’t say something then and there. Now I understand… perhaps it’s because the moment is extraordinary; containing a fullness of its own… and the thought that this person across from me is not a part of my everyday life, and at any second will disappear, didn’t even occur to me… it seemed that we were in whatever it was together, and that sort of connection rarely, if ever, happens between strangers, so my mind was a little slow on registering that there would be no “some other time” if neither of us asked for the others phone or email.

Now, hours later, the ripples created by those few tender seconds still gently rock something within me…
and I become a missed-connections poster.

Would you be interested in having tea or going on a ride?


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